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How has the Barilla Group translated the Double Pyramid into an operating model?

Eating according to the Mediterranean Diet pyramid and producing goods in a sustainable manner. The Double Pyramid Model was developed by the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition Foundation in 2009. It is composed of the Mediterranean Diet food pyramid and the environmental pyramid. It was created to demonstrate that the food that should be eaten most frequently for people’s wellbeing is also the food which has a lower environmental impact, that is, food whose production uses less of the Planet’s resources in terms of greenhouse gases, water and land surface to regenerate the resources used.

GOOD FOR YOU: the food pyramid suggests a nutritionally-balanced model to people, that is, the Mediterranean Model.

For Barilla, this translates into a commitment to:

Launch a quality, nutritionally-balanced offer with products arranged on all sections of the food pyramid.

Promote information for people on healthy lifestyles and food and physical education for young people.

GOOD FOR THE PLANET: the environmental pyramid is an indication of the continuous improvement of the supply chain.

For Barilla, this means:

Continue to reduce the environmental impact from field to fork, in particular with regard to greenhouse gas emissions and consumption of water resources in production plants.

Promote sustainable agricultural models, that is, those that use less fertilizer, respect natural crop rotation more and improve competitiveness of local agriculture.