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On the occasion of World Expo of Milan on the theme “Feeding The Planet, Energy for Life”, Barilla organized the seventh edition of the “Barilla Insieme Day”, an annual meeting with the representatives of the main categories of the Group’s stakeholders.

The day is an occasion for dialogue on the path towards sustainability already underta-ken, to evaluate the progress made as well as areas of improvement. The main purpose is to understand and enhance the needs of the local communities where Barilla operates.

In 2015 about 100 people were involved, among which representatives of associations and NGOs, activist promoting animal rights, commercial and supply chain partners, journalists and academics.

A meeting between Vice-Chairman Paolo Barilla and the representatives of partnering organizations, such as Elisa Baciotti of Oxfam Italia, Peter Stevenson of Compassion in World Farming and Paola Testori Coggi, former General Director of “Health and Consumers” for the European Commission was held.


Topics shared during the 2015¬†stakeholders’ panel

good for you

and Nutrition
Widen the range of nutritionally-balanced products to supplement pasta with other ingredients, such as vegetables and local traditional products.
Report with more transparency the criteria used by Barilla to assess the nutritional aspects of the products.
Widen the offering of wholegrain and organic products, as well as ready-to-eat meals.
Barilla promotes nutritionally-balanced food models in all the geographies in which it is present, adapting its offering to local habits. In 2015 the new Pestati sauces and Pasta Pronto in the USA were launched.
In 2015 Barilla developed a new nutritional index, which is described in the section “Good for You”.
In 2015 new wholegrain and gluten free products were launched in Italy.
Food Safety Promote the European food safety model and apply strict standards for all the ingredients imported from non-European countries. Barilla promotes the safety model of supplies by acting in two directions: Priority to local supplies;Application of the same rigorous standards independently by the origin of raw materials.
Product liability,
labelling and
Better communicate through products and brands Barilla’s “Good for You, Good for the Planet” commitments. Barilla developed a special edition of pasta and sauces for Expo 2015 to explain the product’s path from field to fork. Barilla is working to ensure more consistency between Group and brand activities.

good for the planet

sustainability of
the supply chains
from which the
raw materials
Promote cooperation with farmers to make the agricultural sector more sustainable according to circular economy models.
Communicate more and better on the challenges regarding agri-food supply chains, with a focus on critical ones (palm oil).
The “Sustainable Agriculture” project has been reinforced, as described in the “Good for the Planet” section.
In 2015 new polices were defined on: Animal Welfare, No Animal Testing, Sustainable Packaging and Relations with Copackers.
Reduction of food waste Reduce food waste through supply chain agreements and a better portioning of packs. For years Barilla has been working with food banks to ensure that excess production is donated to those in need. In 2015 together with Fondazione Banco Alimentare (Italian Food Bank) the transfer process of bakery products was optimized.
Efficient use of water and energy resources t is the tangible sign of Barilla’s commitment to reduce its impact on the Planet, being a leading example for the whole supply chain. Barilla constantly monitors greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption in all the production plants.
Packaging Guarantee more sustainable packaging solutions. In 2015 Barilla issued a new policy on “Sustainable Packaging”.

good for communities

Value diversity
and promote
Encourage a new “food culture”: the wealth of food traditions as a tool for inclusion and multi-culturalism. In 2015, in Turkey and the Middle East, Barilla launched the campaign: “Add an Italian flavour to your Ramadan”, a meal suggestion for the Islamic tradition.
Barilla People:
training and
health and safety
Promote Barilla People’s temporary experiences in NGOs. Barilla is engaging its employees in projects like “Good for You, Good for the Planet” and is considering training activities on these topics.
Economic impact
on the area
and the local
Put in place a strategy of philanthropy which combines the traditional approach with forms of “social business”.
Invest on young people promoting agri-food sector projects for young entrepreneurs.
In 2015 Barilla launched the web app “Good for the Communities” describing the Group’s commitment towards the local communities.
In 2015 Barilla launched a prize to award six food sector start-ups founded by young entrepreneurs, winners of the “Good4 – Start Up the Future” contest, born from a collaboration of SDA Bocconi School of Management and the incubator Speed MI Up.
Awareness and
education about
Increase dialogue and research on “sustainable diets” models and support institutions and training centres in their commitments to educate the people.
Promote food educational courses for young people in all of the Group’s locations.
For years the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition Foundation has been studying and promoting the topic of “sustainable diets”, acting as a liaison between science and research on the one hand, and political decisions and government actions on the other.
In 2015 Giocampus educational alliance was extended in Italy to new partners. In the United States the cooperation with the Girl Scouts and Common Threads continued.