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Barilla has a “traditional” management and control system with a Board of Directors and a Board of Auditors, both appointed by the Shareholders.

The Board of Directors is composed of the Chairman and the Deputy-Chairmen of the Group who also have executive powers, alongside the CEO (who covers the role of General Manager) and two independent Directors.
In relation to current legislation on the responsibilities of these bodies, the Company has an organisational model which contains the rules and procedures for the prevention of crime within its organisation.
The organisational model provides for the appointment of a Supervisory Body and a Code of Ethics which dictates the standards of conduct with which the entire Group’s operators must comply. Barilla has seized the opportunity offered by this legislation and has implemented everything possible to ensure its effectiveness.

The management of Sustainability aspects is entrusted to the Company’s Senior Management, that is, to the Shareholders and the Management Committee, to which the CEO belongs and which bears hierarchical responsibility (Directors and Regional Presidents). It is their responsibility to approve and revise strategic objectives and plans, and periodically verify business indicators.

The main management roles are also assigned specific objectives linked to the management and measurement of performance in matters relating to sustainability. In managing the process of delegation, these objectives are adapted according to all the main corporate functions. The system for assessing the Chief Executive Officer’s performance achievement of sustainability objectives.

To bring the “Good for You, Good for the Planet” path into operation, a Steering Committee, has been set up – a permanent group involving all the main corporate areas.
Its role is to define the objectives and projects and to monitor and control the performance of sustainable development through a defined set of indicators. The Steering Committee is also responsible for assessing sustainability risks and reports the main results of stakeholder involvement activities to the Management Committee. Moreover, it coordinates and guides the activities of the
Operating Groups set up to respond to the specific requirements of individual aspects in the “Good for You, Good for the Planet” way of doing business.

The Steering Committee is coordinated by the Sustainability Unit operating within Barilla’s Communication and External Relations Department.